Gov. Brewer denies clemency for Bill Macumber

Compelling evidence suggests that Bill Macumber was wrongfully convicted for the murders of Tim McKillop and Joyce Sterrenberg. The Arizona Justice Project and “a host of volunteers from a wide array of professions—investigators, forensic experts, law faculty and others” share that conclusion. They and others believe that Bill's wife Carol framed him because their marriage was ending bitterly. As an employee of the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, “she had access to evidence from the cold case murder.

The Arizona Board of Executive Clemency unanimously recommended that Macumber's sentence be commuted because “an injustice has been done in Mr. Macumber's case,” adding that Carol had “motive, means and opportunity to falsely pin the murders on Mr. Macumber.

However, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer “denied the recommendation for clemency in a one-sentence letter eight days after she announced she was running for reelection.

Years ago, I suspected that Brewer had incipient Alzheimer's disease, but now it seems more likely that she was born with bats in her belfry and isn't running on all eight cylinders. I've repeatedly seen Brewer painfully struggle to complete even simple sentences filled with simple thoughts, but her simple mind simply doesn't have the mental horsepower to speak intelligently, let alone run a state and make judicious life and death decisions based on evidence rather than Machiavellian calculations of how a daffy if not demented politician can pull the wool over the eyes of voters so they don't see the cobwebs in her mind and the ice in her monstrous heart.

To think that Bill Macumber is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, one would need rocks in her head. That's you, Jan. As someone who willingly turns a blind eye to justice, she is the embodiment of evil.

Macumber's son Ron Kempfert “went with ABC News to one of Brewer's press conferences, where he was given the chance to confront the governor about why she denied his father's freedom.” Kempfert said that Brewer is “a coward, she just ran away, the moment it got tough.

Why is she a coward? Because she is acutely aware of her intellectual limitations.

Macumber's legal team and his son continue to explore other options for securing his release, but [the] options [are] limited.

President Obama could free him. He doesn't like Brewer—with good reason. In pardoning Macumber, Obama could present the evidence and suggest that any thinking person would agree that releasing him from prison was the right thing to do.

Now that would be sweet justice.

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Reference: Imagining dialogue can boost critical thinking: Excerpt: “Examining an issue as a debate or dialogue between two sides helps people apply deeper, more sophisticated reasoning …”

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