“This is one of the best-sourced, most thoughtful entries from someone-I've-never-heard-of-until-now that I've ever read.”
— A reader commenting on one of my articles

A man who attended the Roeper School for the Gifted said that I have “one of the most interesting spots on the web.” Read more >

“The deep critical thinker has become the misfit of the world, this is not a coincidence. To maintain order and control you must isolate the intellectual, the sage, the philosopher, the savant before their ideas awaken people.”
— Author unknown, but commonly attributed to Carl Jung (source)

“Independent thinkers have a way of upsetting people. … Independent thinkers are often innovative thinkers who are not easy to situate in traditional terms or corral in conventional boundaries. They travel in the undiscovered country of the new.”
Jeff DeGraff, Dean of Innovation, University of Michigan, in Culture Creates the Economics of Innovation

“Do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing, and you'll never be criticized.”
Elbert Hubbard

Article: Public debate could be key to strong economy
Excerpt: “ … people who speak their minds loudly and often could be responsible for economic prosperity.”
Comment: You're welcome! :-)

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Alternatives to guns, Tasers, and masks

Open season on consumers with crummy appliances and gender-bending dishwasher soap

Window air conditioners: a health hazard

Police lenient with a supermodel clone: a double standard of justice

Reinventing Hallmark movies

Imposter syndrome dreams and Warren Buffett's counterintuitive advice on reputation impacting motivation

Breaking news

My Amazon review of Bill Gates's book: How to Prevent the Next Pandemic

Gates likely consoles himself by thinking his critics are uneducated and don't understand epidemiology. I do, not because I graduated in the top 1% of my class in medical school but because I spent decades thinking of how to better prevent disease transmission.

Along the way, I developed various innovations that minimize infectious diseases spread by contact. Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, when virtually all experts grossly inflated the benefit of handwashing, I could have capitalized on that fear and released products incorporating my technology. I didn't because I knew it would provide a false sense of security; contrary to what health authorities then insisted — that SARS-CoV-2 was not airborne — I knew that it was, so I developed dozens of innovations to minimize that risk. Some of them are remarkably effective, capable of reducing exposure to all airborne pathogens by over 99%. I documented one of those methods (its effectiveness is easy to visually demonstrate) on one of my COVID-19 websites.

Ironically, as critical as my review was of Gates's book, it is now (10 days after its release) one of the more favorable ones posted on Amazon because I give credit where credit is due — and when it isn't, I substantiate my disparagement.

Some World War II-era billboards solicited ideas from the general public by saying, “YOUR IDEA MAY SHORTEN THE WAR.” Our leaders now act as if only they and members of their inner circle can generate good ideas, but their enthusiasm for masks, social distancing, therapeutics, and vaccines (that don't reliably protect against COVID-19) is not matched by their disappointing efficacy. Alarmed by it, I developed technology that is considerably more effective than all of them combined.

Throughout history, some of the biggest breakthroughs resulted not from the in-crowd of established scientists but outsiders. Albert Einstein was one of them, so frustrated by the difficulty of getting a science job early in his career he considered becoming an insurance salesman and eventually worked as a patent clerk.

Another example is when proponents of the germ theory of disease were mocked by professors who thought it was ludicrous to presume that organisms too small to be seen with the naked eye could somehow injure and kill. But they unquestionably do, as schoolchildren now know.

One might think that good or even great ideas are an easy sell and immediately obvious, but history proves otherwise. In 1905, Orville and Wilbur Wright tried to interest the United States War Department in their new invention, a practical airplane, but they were repeatedly turned down. The War Department initially thought that they were crackpots, and later deemed the airplane to be of no military significance.

Whether in politics, business, or innovation, it is behavioral outliers who predominantly shaped the course of humanity. As innovative aerospace engineer Burt Rutan observed, “Usually the wacky people have the breakthroughs. The 'smart' people don't.”

Truly thinking different is the foundation of progress. Unfortunately, Bill Gates hasn't yet learned that lesson. What reverberates throughout his book is not reverence for fresh ideas but instead him lauding current approaches making us hunger for something truly effective. I developed it and, understanding physics, knew it would work before I built my first prototype, but when I completed and tested it (ProgressShack videos show some of the many tests I conducted), I was pleasantly surprised by its effectiveness.

My ideas could thus shorten the war against this coronavirus as well as prevent future pandemics. Bill Gates's suggestions will predictably fail to safeguard us.


Strange dream leads to inventions

To The Next School Shooter: If You Do It, You Will Never Do This Again

Educators not interested in improving education

Makeshift flotation devices for flood victims

Social disparagement catalyzes success

Black warmth and cold white hands

What Oscar Pistorius's judge didn't consider (AFAIK)

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What the CDC shutdown reveals about government workers

The U.S. government: breaking some laws is OK

Big ideas can do more than big government

Paula Deen used the N-word. So did Abraham Lincoln.

Did George Zimmerman need to shoot Trayvon Martin?

The surprising key to true freedom and the Internet as a bigot detector

Dr. Ben Carson for President

Protecting products with continued innovation, not patents

President Obama's home run: the JOBS Act

Paying to read taxpayer-supported research

Misleading food package photos

Saving the Postal Service

Doctors should report dangerous patients

Why restricting gun magazine capacity is a bad idea

The Newtown massacre: We need nut control, not gun control

How to prevent school and other shootings

Hitler could have prevented the fiscal cliff

You are much luckier than you think (reading this article will forever change your life, giving you a new perspective and reason to be happy and feel blessed)

David Petraeus, hormones, and pheromones: the secret to the warrior's strength?

Solving problems without partisanship

Why Americans should detest Democrats and Republicans, and how we can stop them from ruining our nation

The Biden-Ryan debate: a harbinger of more lost freedoms

Paying your fair share: is zero fair?

Man who feared that ObamaCare will result in death shot his children

“If you stop being the scrappy underdog, fighting against the odds, you risk the worst fate of all: mediocrity.”
— Howard Schultz in Pour Your Heart Into It: How Starbucks Built a Company One Cup at a Time

Doing the right thing

“To forget one's purpose is the commonest form of stupidity.”
Friedrich Nietzsche

Did George Zimmerman need to shoot Trayvon Martin?

Why am I selling my Sea-doo, Ski-doo, and shed to help a deported person reenter the U.S.?

Stop complaining about your parents

Why I never attempt to be consistent

Helping people survive the economic crisis

How social rejection can fuel motivation and maximize your achievement

Get any book of mine free

Give someone a free Thanksgiving dinner

Not all liberals want more of your money

The priceless benefits of sponsoring immigration

Free download: Gas Saving Tips e-book

Free download: Microhome Living e-book

Microhomes help storm-ravaged communities recover

Free firewood: from me to your fireplace or wood stove

Why lower home prices are good

How banks could help solve homelessness

How microhomes could solve homelessness

I want to give a microhome to … you?

Helping people with medical and other expenses

Stop blaming Obama and start thinking

A man Mitt Romney should meet

Signs of the times in the USA

Americans want work if it's not too much work

Downsizing government without reducing services

Providing the same or better government services at less or no cost seems like a pipe dream, but it is indeed possible, as I will prove in this series. If you are smart and creative, my ideas will whet your appetite for thinking of similar ways we could downsize government and hence its cost without cutting services.

How roads could be plowed free, faster, and more often

$100,000 Challenge Series

People often think they are enlightened even when they believe things that should have been left in the Dark Ages. In this series, I will challenge conventional wisdom and explore some odd and unjustifiable beliefs that persist, offering $100,000 to the first person who can solve each challenge, proving me wrong. My opinions are bound to ruffle some feathers and make you think.

The bloody roots of royal power

Challenging the symmetry = beauty assumption

Hitler's unknown big idea could restore our economy

Sex is part of medicine, so better doctors know more about sex

When will adults grow up, or wise up, regarding sex?

Why I wrote The Science of Sex

Leftists who react, not think, and fall for smears that are obviously untrue

Leftists claim to be more tolerant and civil—but are they?

Hirohito: the war criminal who got off scot-free

Why homosexuals should not be blamed for their sexual orientation

If the government collapses, guns won't save you

Is the United States government legitimate?

Sexism, ageism, racism, bigotry, homophobia, and other discrimination

“Raise your hand if you're a conservative and you haven't been called a racist.”
Tahrohon Wayne ‘T.W.’ Shannon, Speaker of the Oklahoma House of Representatives
Liberals have such a low threshold for alleging racism it undermines their credibility. Example: Rep. Maxine Waters alleged that Professor Alan Dershowitz is racist, which is as plausible as suggesting Santa Claus isn't generous.

Why I admire George Foreman—and why everyone should

White supremacists: living proof they're dead wrong

We need hate control and diversity of ideas

This is racism

Does using racist words make you a racist?

Can you pass this acid test of racism and generosity?

Our leaders exploit racial tensions

Sexism isn't dead yet

Why homosexuals should not be blamed for their sexual orientation

Gay marriage is a matter of civil rights

Lie detectors for uncovering racism and sociopathy in healthcare providers

1. What does hunting, self-esteem, and entitlement have to do with racism? More than you think.
2. Proof that might doesn't make right

1. A real-world test of acceptable speech
2. Political partisans playing the race card

What it takes to always be politically correct

1. Why is Edison, not Carver, synonymous with invention?
2. Our magnetic attraction to bombastic people

Better dead than Red?

Commercials Depicting Men as Stupid

Church refuses to marry black couple

Using “black” instead of “African-American”

Combating medical ageism

How I was cheated by my health insurance company, and why similar deceit may be the coup de grâce for the health insurance industry

U.S. rejected German Jewish refugees

1. Parallels between racism and the beautiful woman (or man) syndrome
2. From swelled heads to shrunken prosperity

The Biden-Ryan debate: a harbinger of more lost freedoms

The last article proves that liberal PC police who profess to care so much about bias are often the greatest perpetrators of it.

I will discuss these topics in greater detail in my upcoming book: Rapidly Overcoming Racism, Bigotry, and Homophobia

Free speech

“The Democrats are hobbled by multiculturalism and political correctness. That's what Donald Trump exploited in … getting the … frustration with not being able to speak your mind … Until the Democrats realize it—PC and multiculturalism aren't the way to go—they're going to be shackled as a political party.”
— Journalist Matthew Continetti, editor-in-chief of The Washington Free Beacon (source)
Comment: Democrats feign political correctness, framing it as something no cultured person could possibly disagree with—not that they personally believe it (witness the bigotry evident in the Hillary Clinton campaign WikiLeaks e-mails), but this backfired on them because Americans are sick and tired of being labeled a racist, xenophobic no-good excuse for a person just because they're not always politically correct—nor do they want to be. With even Obama making PC mistakes (and getting away with them, because the Left excuses their transgressions), political correctness is an impossible standard that repulses people who love free speech more than this sick political game concocted by Democrats, who wouldn't need it if they had better ideas on how to run the country instead of running it into the ground.

Dr. Lazar Greenfield versus the PC police

PC police thwarting a remedy for rape

Blasting the enemies of free speech: Sheriff Dupnik, astronaut Kelly, and the usual liberal suspects


How most wars could be eliminated

“I've been a public figure. You get used to everything being wrong about you. Anytime you think you know a public figure from their media … You really don't. I've gotten to know several public figures. You can't tell that Bill Gates is an amazing dad. I know that.”
Jeff Bezos, responding to how he was portrayed in The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon


“It's clear to anyone with eyes and a brain that the Internet has become a superhighway of defamation. Anything goes, no accountability—we all know that. That situation has a chilling effect on democracy because falsehoods can become truths in weak minds, and there are plenty of those. So here's the truth: the truth really doesn't matter anymore, does it? At least in cyberspace, there are scores of websites set up to injure people.”
Bill O'Reilly (2-25-2015)
Comment: O'Reilly added that fascists want to silence anyone who doesn't agree with them.

The danger of speaking out—or not speaking out

Online incivility triggered by minor differences of opinion

Liberals claim to be more tolerant and civil—but are they?

Liberals who react, not think, and fall for smears that are obviously untrue

Ridiculing good new ideas

1. How I went from zero to #1 in Google rankings
2. Modesty as a manifestation of narcissism
3. How the elite and their helpers use modesty to subjugate

Proof of how I went from zero to #1 in Google rankings

Why I dumped Google Checkout


Zuckerberg sweating when asked about privacy: why it should make you nervous

Understanding how Facebook determines what goes in News Feeds

Tired of threatening messages from Facebook when sending friend requests?

Overcoming the 420-character limit for Facebook status updates

Facebook deleted my account—and why this matters to you

Was the next Jared Loughner on my Facebook friend list?

Facebook making the world more open and connected?

Thinking outside the box

Why I'm less conservative

An outside-the-box way to save energy

Brain teasers that only geniuses can solve

1. Narcissism: the secret sauce of self-delusion
2. Body dysmorphic disorder
3. The summer school lesson educators need
4. A sneak peek of USA 2.0

Snowmobile trails painted with blood

Overcoming resistance to electric vehicles

1. A new way to pay taxes: with a smile
2. How to slash welfare without hurting anyone

I was correct, after all

Varicoceles do decrease testosterone levels

The experts admit: diet can affect acne!

You can't please all of the people all of the time

Economy & jobs

“If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking.”
— General George Patton

Hitler's unknown big idea could restore our economy

My strategy to leave China in the dust

Meet a pigheaded CEO who is fettering our economy

Why big shots are often close-minded

The Big Three have big heads, not big ideas

Investing in jobs for America

Proof that the rags-to-riches American Dream is still possible, and how YOU can achieve it

Better teachers, better ideas, and a better world

A shocking example of how USA efficiency has plummeted

The perfect way to kickstart our economy and put people back to work

Why fight Communism?

Proof that SOME rich have a larger slice of the pie than they deserve

Job applicants with unrealistic expectations

An Olive Garden with almost no olives

Camouflaged inflation: how depressed market demand is masking the cusp of hyperinflation

The collapse of the U.S. economy: inevitable unless we do this

Made-in-China junk

East meets West, China poisons our products, die, Americans!

We cannot paper over our debts


Assaulted by my electrician: an example of how some contractors use violence or the threat of it to intimidate customers

The definitions of conservative and liberal

Why I'm less conservative

Football as a shield against criminal prosecution

Narcissists Look Like Good Leaders, but They Aren't

Dr. Lazar Greenfield versus the PC police

Blasting the enemies of free speech: Sheriff Dupnik, astronaut Kelly, and the usual liberal suspects

Another lost American freedom

Police behaving badly

What is the prognosis for Rep. Gabrielle Giffords?

Giffords receiving special treatment

The futility of arguing with beautiful liberal idiots

Choose your government plan: A plan to make everyone happy

The HUGE tax that is cleverly hidden to keep us from realizing how badly we are being screwed

FDA raid on raw milk: Rawesome food club

FDA raids Rawesome Foods again

Shattering the myth that Wall Street is filled with Republicans

1. A new way to pay taxes: with a smile
2. How to slash welfare without hurting anyone

A question to ask politicians

Counting your change, but not your dollars

Why you should NOT feel sorry for UAW workers

Assaulted by overpaid autoworkers

Senator Chuck Schumer lashes out at a citizen who disagrees with him

Why Hillary Clinton should not become Secretary of State

Proof of fraud in the Minnesota Senate Race between Norm Coleman and Al Franken

How voting fraud could unseat a Senator and undo ObamaCare

1. Proof of liberal hypocrisy
2. Finally an explanation for the etiology of liberalism

Increasing pleasure, fun, and happiness

This series on increasing pleasure, fun, and happiness illustrates how we are needlessly being robbed of enjoyment because our brains are literally stuck in the Stone Ages regarding bliss. This antediluvian remnant of evolution once served us well, but its adaptive value is long gone. Our genes aren't even trying to catch up, but with a bit of knowledge, you can overcome it.

Most people seek pleasure in indirect ways such as pursuing wealth or attractive partners, but they usually provide only ephemeral delight. The direct approach is the key to getting more than you ever dreamed possible. There is no heaven on Earth, but there are legal and healthy ways to feel that good. Stress makes you miserable as it erodes your health and appearance, so my recipe for happiness will improve your body, mind, and mood.

Having more pleasure than you ever imagined: Is that possible or a pipe dream?

Pending article: How to get a buzz that's legal and healthy: Teaching this would reduce drug abuse without police or moralization

Health & medicine

While doctors give lip service to health promotion, they'd be as glad to see all of their patients healthy as a prostitute would be to see all of her customers become devoutly religious and moralistic.

The sweet link between Steve Jobs, Mel Gibson, cancer, and appearance

Being a robot is not being professional

Hospitals mandating flu vaccines

1. How fluorescent bulbs turn us into sheeple
2. Where has all the brainpower gone?

Like wrinkles? You'll love fluorescent light bulbs!

A fat weight loss expert

Doctors without Dollars

My nightmarish experience with objective tinnitus, and how my solution to it manifests one of the flaws of ObamaCare

Are diets for women and girls only?

Phlebotomist error in a Top 100 hospital

Infectious disease hazard of transvaginal ultrasound

Commenting on The $2.7 Trillion Medical Bill

The secret pact of silence in medicine

Another reason to avoid processed foods

Medscape CME problems

Sham CME (Continuing Medical Education)

How to spot a sociopath, from prominent politicians to Joran van der Sloot

Sore throats from some gluten-free baked goods

FOX's Dr. Jennifer Ashton: She's a fox, but no Einstein

Preventing HIV transmission: It's time for public service commercials to offer helpful advice, not condescension


1. The Lincoln mystery I solved but the media suppressed
2. More examples of media bias

Meet the real Lincoln and wonder why Obama idolizes him

Not everyone is corruptible

There's no honor in honor killings

Unions can be thuggish to their members, too: a short story with a surprising twist

1. Bloody hands and wealth inequality
2. The economic reset button we need to press—but won't

From gun hater to gun lover

Setting your own terms of sale

Revenge's bad rap: deserved or not?

Chicken-human behavioral similarities

Bridge collapse in Minneapolis; the next one might be in Michigan

Oprah's Idea of the "Next Big Idea"

Meeting the daughter of a Hollywood star

Veterans getting the short end of the stick, again

Declaration of Independence (lasered onto a wood plaque)

The Massacre at Virginia Tech: What the victims and police should have done

What is normal, anyway?

649 million reasons to think that people are stupid, ignorant, or both

Why I refused to date Katie Couric


My nightmarish experience with objective tinnitus, and how my solution to it manifests one of the flaws of ObamaCare

Who ridiculed healthcare mandates? Barack Obama!

ObamaCare's silver lining

How doctors can rapidly undo ObamaCare

Why your next doctor may be cognitively impaired

Who will be your doctor when doctors quit?

1. Your next doctor might not be one
2. Less medical education = more medical mistakes

Who will you blame when ObamaCare bureaucrats commit malpractice?

White House snubs healthcare fraud offer


1. Former Director admits TSA is violating the Fourth Amendment
2. Woman groped by TSA screener

TSA: Stop wasting our time and do your job before the terrorists do theirs

Barack Obama

Understanding the appeal of Obama

Obama isn't a socialist, but … .

Is Barack Obama on the verge of a meltdown?

Did Obama receive second-rate care for his lip laceration?

Reparations for slavery?

United States

Perhaps the greatest unsolved mystery of all

Affirmative action

Big 10 school awarding sham college degrees

Affirmative action for rich white people

Siding with liberals

One might think that I would be the last person to side with liberals, some of whom have gone way overboard smearing me (see below), but my allegiance is with truth and justice, not partisan ideology. Thanks to my inadequate education, it took me too long to realize that liberals are indeed correct about some of the most contentious issues that divide our nation. Conservatives who don't yet realize the errors forming the pillars of their beliefs may be, as I once was, simply lacking in education (that is, ignorant), not stupid or immoral. In this series of articles, I will elucidate the epiphanies that enabled me to wake up and see that liberals were correct after all. In my opinion, liberals are partially responsible for some of the resistance to accepting their ideas because they haven't done an adequate job presenting their cases in ways that enable reasonable people to understand why they are correct. I endeavor to do better.

Stop blaming Obama and start thinking

Obama's commendable Executive Order on Immigration

Why Admiral Rickover would not like Fox News

Gov. Brewer denies clemency for Bill Macumber

My green energy idea makes economic sense

1. Narcissism: the secret sauce of self-delusion
2. Body dysmorphic disorder
3. The summer school lesson educators need
4. A sneak peek of USA 2.0

The priceless benefits of sponsoring immigration

I want to give a microhome to … you?

Obama's plan to limit college tuition price hikes

Obama isn't a socialist, but … .

Many more to follow . . .

Fighting the far-left smears

Accepting Media Matters as a credible information source is like believing supermarket tabloids that report sightings of UFOs and Elvis. People who believe their nonsense are as daffy as those who fell for the Nazi propaganda that Jews are bad.

Media Matters appeals to those not running on all eight cylinders—folks so intellectually challenged and lazy they're happy to let others think for them, filling their brains with fictions so fabricated it repels smart Democrats, such as Professor Dershowitz (see below).

The tactic of Media Matters is to throw enough mud at the wall, hoping some of it will stick. The allegations they made about me are nonsense, believed only by small-minded people more concerned with advancing their political agenda than the truth, as I will prove in an upcoming book (Cyberstalking as a Political Weapon) that documents how low the smear merchants will go. Even the über-liberal New York Times called Media Matters “highly partisan.”

Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz, who describes himself as a liberal Democrat, declared war on Media Matters, saying they have “crossed the line” and use Hitler-like tactics. (“Hitler-like tactics” are baseless attacks on good people who are demonized by monsters.) Professor Dershowitz said he “can't tolerate bigotry on any side of the political spectrum.”

bigot (noun): (1) a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing opinion, belief, or creed; (2) a person who is obstinately intolerant of any ideas other than his or her own, especially on politics or religion, and has animosity toward those of differing beliefs.

Dershowitz said the Media Matters smear merchant used “virulent hate speech” and an odious, “wildly inaccurate” canard:

canard (noun): a fabricated sensational statement or report, especially one set afloat in the media to hoax the public; an absurd, unfounded, false, baseless, or extravagant report, rumor, hoax, or story that is deliberately misleading and usually derogatory; a false report motivated by maliciousness that is intended to deceive people; a fable, fiction, or falsehood; a lie.

Dana Loesch wrote that Media Matters “has been an embarrassment with pettiness and hyperbole permeating every post. Their baseless attacks on political enemies they wish to blacklist has earned them the reputation as modern-day book burners. Their mission of correcting "conservative misinformation" has been refuted countless times by numerous outlets.”

While there is indeed “conservative misinformation,” the best way to combat it is not with more misinformation, but that's what Media Matters sometimes uses. Largely conservative news organizations such as Fox News usually stick to the truth in what they report; their big lies are generally what they don't say. Don't think so? Try this pop quiz: What recent White House inhabitant is a killer? Don't know? If you read my article giving the surprising answer, you'll see examples of how Americans are deceived by a news organization that claims to be “fair and balanced.” With lies from the Left and lies from the Right, it's no wonder why so many people are so deluded by media that sweep inconvenient facts under the rug and use misinformation to help them achieve their political objectives. They play this game because their politicians are usually disappointing if not pathetic.

If Obama had done half as much to restore our economy as Hitler did to restore the German economy, Romney would get votes only from his family. President Obama has done a surprisingly good job helping some of his supporters, but the money that went into their pockets came out of other American pockets. The net benefit is zero if we overlook the trillions he spent to achieve so little; factoring that in, the net result is disastrous.

The United States cannot pin its hopes for a recovery by figuratively transferring money from one pocket to another (just as your spouse cannot enrich your family by giving you money). Obama and his supporters are smart enough to know this, but they hope you're dumb enough to have the wool pulled over your eyes as they throw out irrelevant distractions to divert focus from what is crucial: our economic recovery.

President Obama squandered countless opportunities to use his arguably greatest gift—his rhetorical ability—to spur Americans into overdrive. His actions and words belied the message that he and other politicians strive to convey: that success is best achieved by expanding the American pie, not fighting how it is divided. He could have outsmarted conservative politicians by giving voters on the Right more of what they want while doing the same for voters on the Left. Simultaneously thrilling the Right and Left, and everyone in between, seems like a pipe dream until you read my article explaining one facet of it.

I don't think Romney has magical answers, either, but after almost four years in office, Obama has just about proven that he doesn't. Unable to run on his lackluster record, he and his many proxies engage in Chicago-style politics: crooked, sleazy, underhanded, and unethical hit-below-the-belt tactics that tacitly admit he doesn't have The Right Stuff to win a fair fight, despite some of the good things he's done. If you explore all pages of this blog, you will see that I am politically independent (hardly the typical Obama-bashing conservative; I bash conservatives and Fox News, too) and praise some of what Obama did as President. However, even Team Obama knows he hasn't done enough net good to run on his record, so they resort to the usual smears and dirty politics that catapulted him from obscurity into the White House.

If anyone thinks that Democrats and Republicans in Washington work for us instead of their lobbyists, consider how “Rachel from Cardholder Services” has been tormenting Americans for years, placing what is likely billions of robocalls, despite the National Do Not Call Registry—that's just toothless legislation. Without loopholes purposely given to companies whose lobbyists bribe our politicians into screwing us Left and Right, “Rachel” and others of her ilk would have been fined and sued out of existence long ago. Our leaders refuse to stop “Rachel,” but if you sell an item at a garage sale that wasn't manufactured to be perfectly safe, heaven help you if the feds get ahold of you! George W. Bush signed that into law. Thanks.

The most notable accomplishment of our politicians has been to take the United States, seemingly destined to be the world's indomitable economic superpower, and inflict considerably more damage upon its future than all of our past and present enemies combined, including Germany and Japan in World War II, the USSR during the Cold War, Islamic terrorists, and everyone convicted of treason in U.S. history. All of those enemies combined couldn't begin to deliver the KO blow that our liberal and conservative politicians have given to present and future Americans. The Left wants to blame the Right, and the Right wants to blame the Left, but neither side could have done it alone. We live in a profoundly sick society in which most people cheer politicians and send them back to Washington when they should be sending them to jail.

Shout racist if you are losing the debate

Media Matters and their troll followers (who believe that repeating lies makes them true) attacked me because I wrote an article criticizing one of their sacred cows, who seemed to still possess some tinges of racism. Moreover, as her racial antipathy waned, she seemed to replace it with a realization that the real enemy wasn't white folks but rich folks. I've yet to see any correlation or inverse correlation between how much money someone has and how good he or she is, so I am opposed to classifying or denigrating people on the basis of their bank accounts, skin color, ethnicity, gender preference, or anything but their individuality (i.e., their character).

Furthermore, as a physician with an insatiable thirst for knowledge, I know that your mood, empathy, intelligence, creativity, and other facets of your individuality are potentially much more resplendent than you likely imagine. Thus, if you or your doctor knew more about how to unlock your potential, you could be a markedly better person than you are. Therefore, buried inside most of us is a kernel of greatness that rarely blossoms to its full potential. In our eagerness to snipe at others and behave like crabs in a bucket, we rarely see that the imperfections we lambaste in others are quite likely reflective of their suboptimal nutritional, lifestyle, and other factors. Doctors do not fault diabetics who do wacky things when their blood sugar levels are out of whack, so why should we fault others whose behavior is adversely affected by a neurochemical milieu that is less than ideal?

If I were racist, why would I jump for joy if Dr. Ben Carson were President and Louisiana State Senator Elbert Guillory were Vice President? Because they are black? No, because I agree with them on most topics, and even when I don't, I know their good hearts and minds led them to conclusions I don't share because reasonable minds can differ.

While I've become more liberal since I wrote that article, I do not disagree with my original premise: that promoting class warfare is needlessly divisive and unjustifiable. Rather than trying to refute my criticisms of her, Media Matters employed their usual ad hominem attacks and character assassination by alleging that I am a racist. How utterly predictable in this political climate in which people on the Left and Right search their quivers for weapons to attack opponents. When that quiver is empty of good methods, they often resort to flimsy charges of racism. The single heroic thing I recall doing was when I went out of my way and risked my future to save the life of a young black man. A racist wouldn't have helped him. Nor would a racist spend months, as I have, researching and writing about the Japanese atrocities circa World War II.

In an upcoming book, I will demonstrate how charges from the Lying Left were baseless and how only lazy birdbrains would believe them after seeing the whole truth—not the tidbits selected by Media Matters for their woefully one-sided smear. I proposed a practical and effective instant cure for racism many years before race became a hot political issue, and I've exposed how some healthcare practitioners engage in racial hate crimes by either intentionally murdering patients or not giving needed care, all because the patient has a different skin color. That is reprehensible, so I wrote about it. A real racist would revel in such discrimination, not report it and criticize it as I did, so anyone who wants to depict me as a racist is either an idiot, smear merchant, or too lazy to let facts get in the way of half-baked opinions.

Media Matters grossly distorted my opinion on Native Americans by writing that I claimed they “should have been grateful for their subjugation by whites.” That's absurd and a good example of their carelessness. I am part black and part Native American, so to suggest that I or my ancestors should be grateful for their subjugation is pure lunacy. Every ethical historian acknowledges that subjugation was one of the most abominable acts in history, and I strongly condemned it in writing (in one of my books and websites) long before I learned of my Native American ancestry.

Consistent with their shoot from the hip mentality, Media Matters ignored that writing of mine and instead twisted what I wrote in a blog posting, suggesting I thought they should be “grateful for their subjugation” when I was merely stating they should be grateful for opportunities afforded to them in the United States. There is a world of difference between being grateful for opportunities and grateful for subjugation. Anyone who cannot detect this glaring difference is manifesting his stupidity or reckless irresponsibility as a journalist to get his facts straight before opening his mouth.

I think that everyone, including myself and other Native Americans, should be grateful for the opportunities and technology in the U.S. I absolutely love Native American dress, their reverence of nature and historically simple lifestyle, but I also appreciate modern opportunities and technology. I am certainly not a Luddite, but I think too many Americans are too enamored with technology and especially the Internet, which reduces their absorption with real people in the real world. But, by and large, I am immensely grateful for American opportunities and technology. Who isn't? Unabomber Ted Kaczynski and other proponents of anarcho-primitivism.

As I mentioned in an article, I am proud of the fact that one of my relatives cofounded the New York Anti-Slavery Society, and another relative, Chester Alan Arthur, President of the United States from 1881 to 1885, was raised in an abolitionist home and later practiced law in New York, where he ably and commendably defended the civil rights of slaves.

Media Matters and their followers behave like Nazis in ruthlessly attacking people who do not march in lockstep with their ideas. If they were more concerned with their effectiveness than regaling in the freedom to smear, they would do well to emulate one of my friends, a liberal who changed my mind on one of the big issues that divides conservatives and liberals. To persuade me, he didn't need to use any heated rhetoric or twist my words; he simply stated his opinion in such a compelling way that I think he would change the mind of anyone who is intelligent and genuinely cares about other people. As my best friend can attest, I couldn't stop talking about him for days thereafter; I was in awe of how he changed my opinion that was seemingly cast in stone. Interestingly, as I echoed his unassailable logic, my best friend, a staunch conservative, changed her mind, too, becoming more liberal in the process. By using similar means of persuasion, I was able to reverse her opinion on various matters so she did a 180 in transforming from steadfastly conservative to liberal. Changing hearts and minds is indeed possible.

Anyone with half a brain who reads my writings can tell that I am adamantly opposed to subjugation or anything that smacks of might makes right. The world wisely remembers the Holocaust, but even most learned individuals are ignorant of the fact that Japan committed far more war crimes than Germany before and during World War 2, including crimes against humanity that surpassed the depravity of most Nazi atrocities. For example, Japanese soldiers raped and sexually mutilated many Asian women, from young girls to grandmothers. Their Emperor Hirohito was the Casey Anthony of his day who got away with murder. Hirohito's armed forces did things that made Germans seem downright civilized, as I documented in two articles on Japanese war crimes and Hirohito: the war criminal who got off scot-free.

Some of my Asian friends think (and I agree) that what Hirohito's men did to people in China and other Asian nations warrants outrage commensurate with that evoked by the Holocaust, but what do we get instead? An American President (Ford) so ignorant of history that he warmly welcomed Hirohito during a visit to The White House for a state dinner on October 2nd 1975.

John Demjanjuk, a low-ranking German prison guard, was repeatedly put on trial. “In a case of mistaken identity, his conviction for crimes against humanity was later overturned by the Israeli Supreme Court in 1993 due to a finding of reasonable doubt based on evidence suggesting that Demjanjuk was not "Ivan the Terrible".” After over two decades of intermittent legal proceedings, Demjanjuk, then aged 91, was convicted by a German court. In 2022, a 101-year-old former SS guard was sentenced to five years in prison.

Demjanjuk's crimes cannot begin to compare in extent with those of Hirohito, who evidently thought that Japan had a God-given right to brutalize Asian people as part of his campaign to make them get on their knees. Hirohito plundered their assets and was the supreme ruler of Japan when it used lethal force to control people in other nations, from their soldiers to civilians, including infants who were raped and murdered. Had Japan invaded the United States, you can bet they would not have been any kinder to American civilians, including infants. They referred to Americans as “kichiku (mongrel beast or mongrelized apes).

Hirohito promulgated the notion that he was a God; specifically, he claimed to descend from a Sun Goddess, and as such an exalted deity, he didn't lose any sleep over the crushing of innocent men, women, and children in other Asian nations; they were just peons (in his twisted mind) to be harvested to feed his monumental ego and countrymen who felt entitled to be as savage as they wanted in their pursuit of their dreams of conquest. One need only look at today's Japanese people, and the ones immediately following the war, to know they are not inherently evil; their prior evil stemmed from their depraved leadership filling their minds with execrable thoughts and exhorting them to commit loathsome deeds.

My point is not that Demjanjuk and other German soldiers should be given a pass for their war crimes, but if we're going to hound some of them for decades, we should be equally energetic in prosecuting Japanese war crimes. In my opinion, the failure to do that manifests a racist viewpoint that somehow the suffering of Asian people matters less than the suffering of those targeted by Nazis.

“A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.”
— Winston Churchill

“Because of the Internet, anonymous sociopaths can now smear and bully anyone they want. We all know people who make millions of dollars simply by defaming other people. The First Amendment is in place to protect the rights of Americans, but free speech can be abused; slander is real; bullying is real; inflicting pain on others through words is real. With the rise of the Net, cowardly sociopaths are running wild, with hateful invective, outrageous smears, and bullying tactics. It's not just about free speech anymore; it's about personal destruction.”
— Bill O'Reilly

“Disinformation and distortions are also being propagated by a few bloggers. These individuals and organizations try to capitalize on the fact that some people accept spin or misinformation without verifying the accuracy of the information.” (source)

“Lies and misinformation are easy to throw around by despicable people who claim to be journalists or scholars. In reality, they are none. The facts reveal how wrong and misguided these individuals are who have undertaken such campaigns of distortions.” (source)

“You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life.”
— Winston Churchill

“So you heard how to torque off a conservative, tell them a lie. To torque off a liberal, you tell them the truth.”
— John Halda

“Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.”
— Admiral Hyman G. Rickover, quoting someone he termed an "unknown sage" in The Saturday Evening Post article "The World of the Uneducated" (November 28, 1959)

“A man is likely to mind his own business when it is worth minding. When it is not, he takes his mind off his own meaningless affairs by minding other people's business.”
— Eric Hoffer

“Small things affects small minds.”
— Benjamin Disraeli

“Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish.”
— Euripides, Greek tragic dramatist (484 BC - 406 BC)

“Ridicule is the tribute paid to the genius by the mediocrities.”
— Oscar Wilde

“Jealousy is the tribute mediocrity pays to genius.”
— Fulton J. Sheen

“When a true genius appears in this world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him.”
— Jonathan Swift

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