Why Hillary Clinton should not become Secretary of State

On the November 17th 2008 Hannity & Colmes program, Former Clinton advisor Dick Morris explained to Alan Colmes why Hillary Clinton should not become Secretary of State.

DICK MORRIS: Well, it's a terrible idea for a lot of different reasons. The first is the past, which is that Bill Clinton has basically made his living for the last five or seven years running around the world doing favors for major foreign leaders and investors, getting money from them for his foundation, his library, and for his own pocket. And we don't know who they are, we don't know what he did in return for them, and that money goes to the Clinton family. Take a guy like Frank Giustra. He flew with Clinton to see the president of Kazakhstan, one of the most reactionary repressive governments in the world — one our State Department condemns. Clinton then pushed the president to become the head of the organization that oversees elections when he doesn't have any. Giustra who set up the meeting got the uranium contracts from mining in Kazakhstan, and Clinton got a $131 million for his foundation and library, and a pledge of half for the proceeds of the mine. Those deals need to become public. We need to know what they are. And going ahead, in her tenure as Secretary of State, is he going to stop that? Or are we essentially going to be able to rent the US Secretary of State by paying her husband half a million dollars to give a speech?

COLMES: But Dick, let's say there's a vetting process, all that is investigated, all of it comes out, all of it is above board, there's full disclosure and transparency, in that case what's the problem?

MORRIS: OK, well, look, if that's the case, I'd want to know what those are, and we go through them and we look at them, and in the event, they'll all above board, I'll fall over dead.

And so would I.


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    Comment: That may explain part of why Hillary Clinton likely will never achieve her political ambitions: because she doesn't come across as a warm, nice person.
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