Why Americans should detest Democrats and Republicans, and how we can stop them from ruining our nation

After every election, voters supporting the victors celebrate as if they won the war. Did they?

No, they won the battle and lost the war. There's a major difference between winning a battle and winning a war. This is especially true in American politics. In theory, American voters choose the candidate with the best ideas—plans that will do the most to help Americans now and in the future.

The United States had problems a few decades ago, but in general our collective future looked incredibly bright to most people. Some economists forecast a stock market of 20,000 and beyond. We were great and bound to become even greater.

However, after decades of picking candidates with the best ideas, we have more serious problems than ever. The bankruptcy of our nation is temporarily camouflaged by massive borrowing that's given us crushing national debt—debt that is mathematically impossible to repay without pixie dust or a miracle invented by an Einstein. In papering over one problem, our leaders created an even greater one. When was the last time our leaders ever solved any problem? Never, which explains why we're in the mess we're in. Politicians elected to solve problems don't.

Why they don't shouldn't be a mystery. Politicians are great at politics: they're great at talking and pulling the wool over the eyes of voters. Their slick talk makes them sound smart, but if they are so intelligent and so brimming with good ideas, why do more Americans now feel like crying than celebrating? Why does our problem list now include one that will devastate our prosperity if not destroy our nation?

The most notable accomplishment of our politicians has been to take the United States, seemingly destined to be the world's indomitable economic superpower, and inflict considerably more damage upon its future than all of our past and present enemies combined, including Germany and Japan in World War II, the USSR during the Cold War, Islamic terrorists, and everyone convicted of treason in U.S. history. All of those enemies combined couldn't begin to deliver the KO blow that our liberal and conservative politicians have given to present and future Americans.

And who controlled the United States? It is always the political victors — the ones who supposedly have the best ideas.

Let's face it: any coach with such a poor record of choosing who to put in the game would have been fired long ago. But is it really the fault of American voters? Not entirely, because we're not given the choice of good and great candidates, but bad and worse. We settle for bad, cross our fingers and hope for the best. And we don't get it, do we?

Isn't this odd? America is full of brilliant and supremely accomplished people: scientists, doctors, inventors, engineers, professors, teachers, authors, and many others who routinely figure out how to solve problems, but judging by the damage done by our politicians, our political system is chock-full of incompetent bozos.

Our bad and worse politicians result from the media and rich special interests who determine which loser we can select to drive more nails into the USA coffin and drive more people into misery. Those in power won't relinquish that power because they're happy with the way things are—the über-rich are getting even richer, and hence more powerful, and hence more able to control our nation so they end up with an even larger slice of the pie.

Here's a national IQ test; see if you and others can pass it: There is an easy, nonviolent, lawful, and even honorable way for Americans to rapidly regain control without putting their hopes on the next election. As powerful as our government seems to be, we could make everyone in it—and the rich fat cats who pull their strings—pee their pants if we unleashed our collective might.

We're being screwed in unconscionable ways, but we could quickly end this highway robbery and loss of liberty without breaking any laws or principles of ethics. In fact, we could give the Golden Rule ethic of reciprocity a new luster. We wouldn't need Republicans or Democrats with insultingly empty promises to give us more false hope; we could get the freedom we deserve this week.

So what could we do? Need a hint? Think collective.

Now what is it?

The views expressed on this page may or may not reflect my current opinions, nor do they necessarily represent my past ones. After reading a slice of what I wrote in my various websites and books, you may conclude that I am a liberal Democrat or a conservative Republican. Wrong; there is a better alternative. Just as the primary benefit from debate classes results when students present and defend opinions contrary to their own, I use a similar strategy as a creative writing tool to expand my brainpower—and yours. Mystified? Stay tuned for an explanation. PS: The wheels in your head are already turning a bit faster, aren't they?

“The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.”
F. Scott Fitzgerald

Reference: Imagining dialogue can boost critical thinking: Excerpt: “Examining an issue as a debate or dialogue between two sides helps people apply deeper, more sophisticated reasoning …”

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