Did Obama receive second-rate care for his lip laceration?

Is Barack Obama one of the first victims of ObamaCare?

Speaking as a doctor who repaired innumerable lacerations, it sounds as if Obama received second-rate care if the local anesthetic was directly infused into the wound instead of administered as a nerve block (using an infraorbital nerve block for upper lip lacerations or a mental nerve block for the lower lip). Lips tend to swell—sometimes massively—when injured. In such a case, the last thing a doctor should do is inject local anesthesia into the wound, which would cause it to swell even more. Swelling makes it impossible to precisely tension the sutures and evert (tent out) the wound edges, to compensate for later scar retraction. If the latter isn't done, a depressed scar results, which appears accentuated because it catches shadows.

Secondly, the fact that he received 12 small stitches makes me think the doc may have placed them externally, with none internally. Unless a lip laceration is superficial, it should be closed in layers for optimal cosmetic results. If that was done correctly, Obama wouldn't need 12 external sutures.

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