Facebook making the world more open and connected?

Mark Zuckerberg claims that Facebook's mission “is to make the world more open and connected.

Who believes that? Children who accept candy from strangers? Adults who are terminally gullible or just plain stupid?

Facebook is a strange walled garden filled with features that ought to exasperate anyone who thinks logically and cares about privacy and security. Facebook is a minefield of problems, yet its users are so addicted to gathering 'round its watering hole that they ignore obvious danger signs and slit their own throats while frittering away their lives.

If Facebook truly wanted to make the world more open and connected, they wouldn't have booted me off for a reason that mystifies me and my Facebook friends. Perhaps I was permanently banned from that site because I uncovered a privacy and security problem considerably worse than the many others that ought to horrify anyone with an ounce of common sense. I announced that I'd discovered the problem, collected evidence to document it, planned to write about it, and would soon leave Facebook because of it. As I was planning my Facebook exit and notifying my friends why I'd soon be leaving and how they could contact me in the future, Facebook deleted my account without explanation, warning, or a chance to appeal—as if I am daffy enough to beg for readmittance to a site led by people bereft of ethics, maturity, and common sense.

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