Who will you blame when ObamaCare bureaucrats commit malpractice?

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Obama wants government bureaucrats dictating what care you will receive, not your doctor. As a doctor and computer programmer, I know that it currently isn't possible to input either a diagnosis or a list of symptoms, signs, lab & x-ray results and have a computer (or a bureaucrat guided by one) dictate the best treatment plan. Will the government guidelines be astute enough to consider the fact that we are not biological clones? I doubt it. Because of polymorphisms and other genetic variations, humans are not cookie-cutter clones and cannot be treated as such. Personality, lifestyle, occupation, hobbies, diet, and family also potentially affect patient care decisions.

The government is great at mismanaging things, wasting money, and shirking responsibility. When one of your loved ones dies as a result of ObamaCare, will the government permit you to sue it? Can we sue Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and the other nitwits who voted for this bill? No. Like irresponsible children, they want the power, but not the responsibility. They want doctors taking the heat for the poor treatment they will be forced into giving.

ObamaCare threatens not only your finances but also your life. When Americans first realized that ObamaCare would create death panels (which will, of course, not be labeled as such), many people assumed that those death panels would only pull the plug on elderly people. Hardly. Obama is obsessed with controlling everyone, and his plan will control everyone—even the ObamaCare-loving far-left liberals who think he walks on water.

I understand why ObamaCare appeals to some people: the prospect of getting something free is irresistible to ethically challenged individuals. They don't mind you working overtime to pay for their healthcare. In fact, they are happy to vote for politicians who use the power of the federal government to create unconstitutional laws and force us to abide by them.

A government must fear its people for them to have liberty, because many—arguably, most—politicians are pathologically obsessed with controlling others. Conversely, when citizens fear a government, there is tyranny.

The United States is morphing from the land of the free to the land of tyranny. Instead of us telling the government what to do, it is increasingly telling us what to do. That's the antithesis of freedom.

To appreciate how much our government has changed, consider this: many 1960s and 1970s radicals, including some who bombed the government and advocated its overthrow, are no longer making bombs for the Pentagon or hoping the Red Chinese and Cuba invade us. Instead, those radicals are now tickled pink and love our big, bloated government. If it became even larger and more intrusive, they would love it even more.

The United States government reminds me of Phineas P. Gage, a 19th century American railroad construction foreman who survived an accident in which a large iron rod was driven through his head, damaging his left frontal lobe and personality so much that friends saw him as “no longer Gage.” His name was the same, but he was a very different man. Similarly, while we are still called the United States of America, the fact that radicals now love the government they once dreamed of destroying proves that we've taken a giant step toward tyranny.

Unlike Gage, who was doomed the second the blasting powder propelled the rod through his brain, we can stop pounding nails into our coffin and vote on November 2nd for candidates who love freedom more than control.

Don't make the mistake of assuming that your vote doesn't count. Many recent elections were decided by razor-thin margins. Your vote may be the one that determines if the United States will return to freedom or continue its march toward tyranny. If you are a conservative, Obama hopes that you stay home November 2nd instead of voting. Let's shatter his dream. If we don't, Obama has an army of bureaucrats just itching for the chance to control your doctor—and you.

Anyone who plays doctor without “MD” after his/her name is playing God. Obama's bureaucrats want to play God. Don't let them. Vote!

UPDATE: For another perspective on this, read my article How I was cheated by my health insurance company, and why similar deceit may be the coup de grâce for the health insurance industry.

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