Not all smears are funded by Soros

Not all of the people smearing me are Soros-funded left-wing wackos so trigger-happy they assailed me on issues in which I am just as far Left as they are, if not more so (hence I don't believe that all left-wing people are wackos, but the ones who applaud the Soros-funded smears strike me as mentally ill and hence wacko; here's a glaring example of their irresponsible friendly fire). I've also been attacked by others who use the anonymity of the Internet to seek revenge using various backstabbing methods.

angry model, NOT Karen
NOT Karen, but this model looks similar to how Karen appeared at the end of our relationship. :-)

For example, a former girlfriend (Karen) blasts my books on Amazon. Until we broke up, she loved my books. Indeed, that's why Karen wrote to me in the first place: to tell me how much she enjoyed one book. That kind note led to more e-mails in which I discovered that she is very intelligent, attractive, thoughtful, and generally a nice person. However, after I got to know her, I realized that her potential would never blossom unless she separated herself from her parents, with whom she's always lived and been dependent upon. Karen wanted to move in with me. What guy wouldn't jump at the chance to have a brainy babe move in? Me, because as much as I wanted a relationship with her, I wanted to do what was best for her, which was NOT to give her the convenient sanctuary she sought. Instead, I thought that she needed to live on her own for several years. It's an understatement to say that Karen didn't like that advice very much. However, when she smears me on the Internet, she isn't honest enough to reveal that her rants are just proof that Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

In my many books, websites, and blog postings, I've criticized countless people: from hospital administrators to doctors, nurses, politicians, criminals, welfare frauds, and assorted idiots. I've ordered the involuntary commitment of many patients, most of whom are likely just as nutty as they once were, but are now free as a bird. I've gone out of my way to ensure that criminals pay for what they did. Several men went to prison for serious crimes (such as attempted murder) who would have escaped justice were it not for me convincing police that what may have appeared to be an accident was actually premeditated. Now, when those scumbags got out of prison after seething about me for 15 years, do you think any are honest enough to admit why they hate me?

The medical profession has received considerable (justified) criticism from the public for “protecting their own”—that is, not speaking up when they see evidence of an incompetent or unethical practitioner. I've criticized many professionals, at least one of whom went to prison and one of whom lost his medical license and ended up in Saudi Arabia—an unlikely refuge for a doctor whose descent into infamy began when he videotaped himself having sex with a patient in the hospital chapel (sick, but true) and then did something even stranger after he impregnated her. That character did things during pelvic exams that horrified his patients and me, so I wrote about his shenanigans and am in the process of assailing the reputation of a former boss who knew of that misconduct but did not report it to the State Board of Medicine.

That boss is one of the pillars of the community (a position he acquired by marrying the daughter of one of the richest men in town), but as boss to the aforementioned physician pervert, he had a professional and ethical obligation to report what the Stud Muffin did. When my boss told me that Dr. Stud would press his erection against the vulva of patients during pelvic exams, I wondered why he didn't fire him and cook his goose. Years later, I discovered why he overlooked such inexcusable behavior, and that reason is shockingly bizarre, so I wrote about that, too.

Discussing that topic provoked the ire of even more big shots in that town, which seems to be a quaint little tourist town, but is actually a Peyton Place where well-connected big shots let their friends get away with murder. They want to think of themselves as beyond-reproach good churchgoing folks, and don't take kindly to outsiders like me who suggest that they are ludicrous hypocrites for using their good veneer to hide dirty secrets: sex, drugs, booze, crime, and scandals that result when those factors mix after being catalyzed by sanctimonious self-righteousness.

“Self-righteousness is a loud din raised to drown the voice of guilt within us.”
Eric Hoffer

And then there is Mrs. Tycoon—not her real name, of course, but she is a tycoon. She's a matriarch of a rich family whose wealth is traceable to oil and related businesses. Soon after she began bombarding me with kind notes and chocolates (none of which I ate, because chocolate makes me look like the BEFORE picture in a Clearasil® ad), I wondered what I did to deserve such attention. I didn't have to ponder that very long because her warmth turned to ice once she learned that I wrote about her precious little town and what really goes on there. When you don't like the message but can't refute it, desperate people often attack the messenger. And they do, often resorting to ad hominem attacks and character assassination.

Hence, many—arguably, all—of the ones I've criticized don't have a leg to stand on in countering my criticisms. If they were honest enough to admit who they are and why I ripped them, no one would pay any attention to them, so they conveniently omit such details and use the Internet as an anonymous platform to smear.

After I complained about a pathetically incompetent web hosting service, their techie retaliated by hacking into one of my websites and changing my words, making it appear as if I said outrageous things I never did.

One of my friends works as a neuropsychologist who tests people to assess their intelligence. She said that I frustrate people who disagree with me because they can't begin to substantively counter my opinions that rub them the wrong way. That's probably true, yet I know that some of my positions are assailable because I've refuted several of them.

One of the keys to keeping a sharp mind is to sincerely listen to others. In doing this, I've realized that what others believe sometimes has more merit than what I believe, so I shifted my opinion to better conform with what is accurate and ethical. For example, my position on immigration once was KEEP OUT AND GO HOME, but now I am selling my Sea-doo, Ski-doo, and shed to help a deported person reenter the United States and I wrote about the priceless benefits of sponsoring immigration—something that drives my conservative friends bonkers.

Unfortunately, bigotry is rampant in the United States, producing an ideological pandemic of small-mindedness that infects too many people on the Left and the Right.

bigot (noun): (1) a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing opinion, belief, or creed; (2) a person who is obstinately intolerant of any ideas other than his or her own, especially on politics or religion, and has animosity toward those of differing beliefs.

Americans are frequently so intolerant of others who disagree with them that they rabidly attack the person, not the opinion, even though the opinion can change. However, persuading others to change their opinions is often too much to ask from folks who can't write anything that isn't Twitter-length, so instead of trying to change hearts and minds, they attack. That is almost invariably ineffective, yet it appeals to their primitive instinct to bash opponents.

Although I agree with liberals on some positions and conservatives on others, I think both groups are too busy fighting one another to realize there is a much better solution that gives both sides more of what they want than they now have. Cooperation is clearly better, yet most political partisans equate it with compromise, and hence a partial defeat they'll vigorously oppose. That's the beauty of my plan: everyone wins, and no one loses.

I once was such an effectively pugnacious conservative writer that Mr. Big Mouth himself sent a private message to me on Facebook, asking me to write for him. Many of his ideas are superficially more appealing than some—certainly not all—of what his political opponents espouse, yet if Mr. Big Mouth thinks that is enough to save America and restore our prosperity, he is living in a dream world filled with pixie dust and magical thinking à la Disney. I wonder if he's ever heard of demographics and appreciates their predictive value, or if he can literally do the math and figuratively put two and two together. Anyone who can do all that knows that neither the Right nor the Left has a viable plan that can give Americans the bright future they want for themselves and their children.

I was the first person to realize that America was headed for financial disaster long before it occurred; I detected economic danger signs two decades before the experts woke up in 2007–2008. I now predict that without my plan or something comparable, the United States will likely die before I do.

If the U.S. doesn't die, it will be crippled. Most Americans just stick their heads in the sand and think it will never happen, yet it already is happening, slowly but surely eroding our prosperity. Many bright college grads are now back living with their parents, doing something that once would have been unthinkable.

I know a once-prosperous builder in upscale Leelanau County (Michigan) who lost his business and home, including the play house he built for his daughter, which is now sitting on my property after he sold it to raise money. My first reaction was to let him keep the money but return the play house to his daughter (it broke my heart to know she didn't have what her father proudly built for her), but she didn't have any yard to put it in; their family is now living in what the ex-builder described as a low-rent flophouse. He went from having 70-some employees and a ritzy home to having a hard time explaining to his daughter why their world collapsed.

That's why I write: trying to avert similar tragedies, I offer solutions to help everyone, from those on the Right, to those on the Left, and everybody in between. That irks the partisans who want only their side to win. Remember what I said at the beginning of this article about them being mentally ill and hence wacko? They are also self-centered and immature spoiled brats who throw temper tantrums unless they get everything they want, even if that means taking it from others (Left and Right partisans are happy to do that, and in fact often revel in it).

Here's my advice as a doctor: those partisans should grow up and wise up, whether they are Soros-funded left-wing wackos or their counterparts on the Right who think of Mr. Big Mouth as a demigod.

God forbid!

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I didn't write everything attributed to me

The views expressed on this page may or may not reflect my current opinions, nor do they necessarily represent my past ones. After reading a slice of what I wrote in my various websites and books, you may conclude that I am a liberal Democrat or a conservative Republican. Wrong; there is a better alternative. Just as the primary benefit from debate classes results when students present and defend opinions contrary to their own, I use a similar strategy as a creative writing tool to expand my brainpower—and yours. Mystified? Stay tuned for an explanation. PS: The wheels in your head are already turning a bit faster, aren't they?

“The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.”
F. Scott Fitzgerald

Reference: Imagining dialogue can boost critical thinking: Excerpt: “Examining an issue as a debate or dialogue between two sides helps people apply deeper, more sophisticated reasoning …”

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