Obama's commendable Executive Order on Immigration

Many Republicans are throwing a conniption fit after President Obama signed an Executive Order legalizing or at least tolerating undocumented immigrants. As an erstwhile Republican, I would have been one of those people incensed by that action, but I now applaud it. In fact, I am thrilled that President Obama used his power to do the right thing to partially remedy a historical injustice.

how the West was won: guns, force, "might makes right"

I previously agreed with the millions of Americans who possess a deceptively simple conception of the issue of illegal immigration: it's our country, they entered illegally, kick 'em out, end of story. Then I learned that a huge chunk of the western United States once was part of Mexico. We bought a small part of that land fair and square, but the rest was acquired using might makes right principles of coercion. As fond as I am of the U.S., I am even more fond of doing the right thing, and might makes right is never a justifiable part of that equation.

My opinion on immigration changed so much that I am putting my money where my mouth is by selling my Sea-doo, Ski-doo, and shed to help a deported person (Liz Larios) reenter the United States. The Northern Express published two superb articles on her (Nightmare at the border: Liz Larios and Deported) that highlighted her plight. If you read those articles and study how past U.S. leaders conveniently forgot how our nation acquired much of the western United States, you are bound to give President Obama a figurative pat on the back for taking a first step in righting this wrong.

Some Republicans allege that Obama cleverly sidestepped Congress and thereby acted unconstitutionally. Presidents are sworn to uphold the Constitution, but everyone is obliged to do the right thing. Obama's presidential power authorized him to sign that Executive Order, and his duty as a person bound to do the right thing compelled him to courageously address an issue that past leaders neglected.

Kudos to Mr. Obama for doing the right thing.

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